We Supply Top Soil and Play Bark in the Cobham Area

Have you ever stopped to wonder about what happens to the waste companies like DB Garden Services produce from tree surgery and landscaping projects in Cobham? Do you have environmental concerns over logs, woodchip, play bark or top soil and how they’re produced? Would you like to know what these products can be used for?

DB Garden Services is an ethical company, located in Little Bookham, which makes environmental sustainability a business priority. All waste removed from sites in Cobham following a tree surgery job is recycled and this is where our logs, woodchip and play bark come from. Top soil is derived from landscaping projects in the area.

Logs are created from tree trunks and larger limbs, either from tree felling work or from pruning projects such as crown thinning and crown reduction. After stripping the bark and cutting logs to size, we store and season them to provide clients in Cobham and the surrounding Surrey area with a fuel source for fires and for wood burning stoves.

Smaller limbs and hedge cutting waste are put through chipping machinery to create woodchip, a product that is particularly suitable for use as mulch. Woodchip is sometimes recycled to create biomass fuel or to make wood pulp for the manufacture of paper. We sell woodchip to customers in Cobham in conveniently-sized bagged loads.

Play Bark
Even stripped bark never goes to waste and this is why our recycling levels are so high. Play bark is created for use in children’s playgrounds or for recreational areas at homes in Cobham. All play bark is tested to British Standards and, when laid to specified depths, can create a cushioned surface that protects children falling from play equipment.

Top Soil
Top soil is derived from landscaping projects in Cobham and Surrey. To ensure we only sell the finest grade of top soil, DB Garden Services ensures landscaping waste is carefully screened and processed. We sell large volumes of top soil to homeowners, landscaping contractors and development companies each year. Local deliveries are available.