What to Expect from using NPTC Qualified Tree Surgeons in Horsley

DB Garden Services are tree surgery and garden maintenance specialists covering all parts of Surrey including the nearby villages of East and West Horsley. Both areas have substantial woodland and remain relatively untouched by the sizeable development that has taken place in major towns such as Leatherhead and Guildford. Our tree surgeons undertake high volumes of work in both villages. As a company, we deliver a wide range of client benefits that justify our membership to Surrey Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme.

The Importance of Safety

Tree surgery can be dangerous, particularly when a damaged or diseased specimen has to be felled. An unskilled team may struggle to maintain control when bringing a heavy tree to the ground. This poses a risk to surrounding property and members of the public. We recommend that clients in the East and West Horsley areas only use NPTC qualified tree surgeons to undertake work at their properties. DB Garden Services use directional felling and sectional dismantling methods to remove dangerous trees safely.

Maintaining Style

Felling a tree is just one part of two-stage operation that requires stump grinding equipment to remove the remaining tree remnants. The machinery we use takes the remnants down to sub-ground level. We subsequently use treatments that promote faster decomposition of the remaining trunk and tree roots. This leaves a clear garden area that can be landscaped at a later stage without obstruction. Stump grinding also ensures that no potentially dangerous tripping hazards are left on your property.

We are committed to arboriculture preservation. Our company can perform crown reduction and crown lifting services that help to preserve the natural formation of individual species. Reductions are particularly important for controlling limb growth, maintaining a dense foliage and allowing natural sunlight to pass through the tree canopy without obstruction.

DB Garden Services also Erect Fencing

The erection of fencing helps to create private and secure garden environments for properties owners in Horsley. For residential properties, we usually recommend close board or lap panel fencing because both are available in a varying range of heights that can deter intruders without blocking out sunlight. All timber fences fitted by our team have 15-year guarantees and come in a choice of green or brown stains.

For agricultural properties, we can supply and erect post-and-rail, stock or animal-proof fencing. Designed to keep livestock in and natural predators out, all agricultural fencing installations are carefully tailored to meet the needs of your property and the breed of animal you are keeping. We can provide free quotations on all of our fencing services.

Areas Covered

If you don't see your area listed please call 07831 224492 to find out if we travel to your area.