Tree Surgery and Fencing Benefits for Ripley Property Owners

While DB Garden Services are well-known for delivering landscaping, tree surgery and fencing solutions across some of the bigger parts of Surrey, we never forget our customers in the smaller, individual parts of the county. Clandon, Merrow, Ripley and Burpham are all key service areas. Our tree surgeons can assist you with stump grinding, formative pruning and tree preservation work, all of which provide the customer with unique benefits.

We use this page to discuss some of those benefits in more detail, placing a strong focus on our tree surgery and fencing work in the Ripley area. If you would like to find out more about our services, call us now on 01372 453333 for expert help and advice.

Fencing Benefits with our Professional Installations

Customers in Ripley who use us for fencing installations benefit from so much more than just having the perimeters of their property defined. Close-board and lap panel fencing provide an excellent combination of privacy and security. Potential intruders are less likely to scale tall fencing in an attempt to breach your property and you’ll also be able to enjoy the summer months more knowing that other people can’t see into your garden.

Fencing also benefits Ripley property owners by offering containment for children and for pets. If you’re looking something with strong aesthetic appeal, DB Garden Services can supply and install post-and-rail, chain link or trellis fencing. We even install pergolas.

Tree Surgery Benefits for a Greener Tomorrow

Effective tree surgery programs provide unique aesthetic and environmental benefits for our customers. Just as importantly, our tree surgeons can help in keeping trees on your Ripley property in good conditions so that they thrive. Thinning, reduction and pruning are effective tree surgery measures that promote light penetration, reduce wind resistance, maintain shape and enable overall control of growth.

In some cases, the only option our tree surgeons may have is to remove a diseased or damaged tree. When this happens, we can remove the remnants with modern stump grinding machinery that eliminates tripping hazards and the potential for harmful fungus to breed. Customers in Ripley also benefit from stump grinding if they have future landscaping or development plans for their land or garden space.

Areas Covered

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