Logs and Woodchip in Guildford from DB Garden Services

Located in Little Bookham, DB Garden Services cover the Guildford area as outdoor maintenance specialists. Tree surgery is one of the many tasks we carry out for our valued domestic and commercial clients. Waste derived from projects in Guildford is recycled wherever possible and resold for secondary use as logs, woodchip, play bark and top soil.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and use ethical working practices to reclaim as much waste as possible. While our contribution might be considered small on a global scale, DB Garden Services believe that sustainability is only possible if every individual and company does their bit, however small.

Below, we give our Guildford clients some great ideas on how to use the many different materials we create from tree surgery waste:

Logs – DB Garden Services cut logs from felled trees or from larger limbs removed during a crown reduction or thinning project. Logs are stored and seasoned before being resold. Homeowners in the Guildford area most commonly use our logs as a fuel source for open fires, wood burning stoves and multifuel stoves.

Woodchip – Smaller tree limbs and waste from hedge cutting projects are processed (or ‘chipped’) to create a woodchip. This can be used as a biomass fuel but, more commonly, our Guildford clients use it for gardening work. Woodchip makes an excellent mulch. This type of waste can also be used to create wood pulp, which is then used to make paper.

Play Bark – Before we cut felled wood to create logs, the bark is stripped and this is also put to secondary use. Play bark is a high-grade material tested to British Standards and used in playgrounds to cushion falls. We can supply play bark for local authorities in Guildford or for domestic customers who want to make a safe recreational environment at home.

Top Soil – DB Garden Services derive top soil from landscaping projects, usually when we’ve undertaken major excavation work. Garden waste is screened, grade and recycled to produce top soil for development work and future landscaping projects in and around the Guildford area. Top soil can also be used in flowerbeds.

Homeowners and commercial clients in Guildford can purchase logs, woodchip, play bark or top soil direct from DB Garden Services. We sell product in bags or by the load. Collection can be made from our premises in Little Bookham but, should you need us to, our company can also make scheduled deliveries to many parts of the surrounding Surrey area.