FAQ’s on Top Soil and Woodchip Supply in Leatherhead

Based in Little Bookham, DB Garden Services cover the nearby Leatherhead area as a trusted supplier of logs, woodchip, play bark and top soil. While most customers in Surrey are very familiar with our tree surgery, landscaping and garden maintenance services, there are some who know very little about our production of secondary materials.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most frequently-asked questions our company receives from clients in Leatherhead. These are focused not just on the supply of logs, woodchip, play bark and top soil, but also on the different ways we recycle our waste.

Where do the products you sell originally come from?

All products sold in the Leatherhead and Surrey areas are derived from waste materials, and these are reclaimed from our tree surgery and landscaping projects. We recycle as much waste as possible to resell as logs as a heat source or as woodchip, play bark and top soil for domestic and commercial landscaping projects.

Are healthy trees being felled to create logs?

No. Our logs are made from felled timber only. Usually, this will be from projects in Leatherhead or nearby where we’ve had to clear dangerous or damaged trees for the safety of the public. After stripping the bark, logs are cut to size from trunks and large limbs before being stored and seasoned. Healthy trees are never affected in our manufacture of logs.

Where does woodchip come from?

Smaller tree limbs, and some of the waste we take away from tree maintenance and hedge cutting jobs, are processed through a chipper. This creates woodchip, which is resold to customers in and around leatherhead for use as mulch. Woodchip is also an important biomass fuel and plays a vital role, when pulped, in the paper manufacturing industry.

What happens to the bark you strip from felled trees?

We use stripped bark as a decorative product for gardens which can help prevent weed growth. It can also be used as play bark once it has been tested and found to meet current British Standards. Play bark can often be found in playgrounds and recreational areas around Leatherhead, where it is used to cushion falls from play equipment.

What is top soil most commonly used for and where does it come from?

Usually, top soil is derived from landscaping projects in the Leatherhead and Surrey areas. It is made from landscaping waste that has been screened and tested. Top soil is popular with gardening enthusiasts but is also widely used by larger landscaping companies and by building contractors. We can deliver top soil to site in bulk loads by request.