Woodchip and Play Bark Benefits for our Surrey Clients

Covering all locations in our home country of Surrey, DB Garden Services are proud suppliers of logs, woodchip, play bark and top soil to domestic and commercial clients. These products are derived from our tree surgery, landscaping and garden maintenance work. All are available for sale in a choice of bagged or bulk loads.

If you live in the Surrey area and you’d like to know how these products benefit you and the local environment, this page should be of particular interest.

  • Logs, woodchip, play bark and top soil are all recycled from waste. Our company has one of the best recycling rates in Surrey and we’re incredibly proud of our approach to environmental care. We never fell safe, healthy trees to make our products.
  • As a fuel source, our logs are both affordable and high in quality. Suitable for homes in Surrey with open fires, wood burners and multifuel stoves, our logs are lovingly, cut, stored and seasoned before being sold onto the customer.
  • Make your Surrey garden more decorative and prevent weed growth by ordering woodchip from DB Garden Services. We process smaller volumes of tree surgery and hedge cutting waste to create our woodchip. This product is also suitable for use as a fuel, although some companies sell it on to larger industries for paper manufacture.
  • Create a safer environment for children with our play bark. When we fell trees in the Surrey area, the bark is stripped and tested to ensure it meets current legislative standards. It is then resold as play bark. When laid to a specific depth, play bark is proven to cushion falls and to help prevent injury in playgrounds.
  • Landscaping waste is carefully screened and processed to make top soil, which is subsequently sold to domestic customers with a love for gardening or to landscaping and construction companies for their own projects in Surrey. Our top soil is rich, fertile and particularly suitable for use in planters and flowerbeds.
  • DB Garden Services can deliver bulk loads of logs and top soil anywhere in the nearby Surrey area, although customers are always welcome to collect personally from our yard in Little Bookham. Woodchip and play bark can also be collected in bagged loads. Prices on our products are extremely fair and competitive.